Here at Webb’s Select-A-Service, our plumbers are experts at drain cleaning and septic tank pumping. Along with helping you out with all your drain and septic needs, we also like to educate our Altonah community on everything plumbing related. In today’s blog we’re answering a few commonly asked questions about septic systems. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re in need of septic tank services, be sure to contact Webb’s Select-A-Service!

What does a septic system do?

Septic systems are underground systems that filter and treat wastewater. They’re used in more rural areas, like Altonah, where there is no centralized sewer system. A septic system uses a combination of nature and proven technologies, along with regular septic tank pumping, to treat wastewater from bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry.

What is bad for septic systems?

Anything that is not organic or toilet paper shouldn’t be put down your drains. We’ve done previous blog posts on what you shouldn’t put down your drain, and that’s both for drain maintenance and for the health of your septic tank. Don’t put cigarette butts, paper towels, tampons, condoms, diapers, or anything plastic down your drain. It will clog up your septic system and can lead to expensive problems. 

How often does a septic tank need to be pumped?

You should get septic tank pumping done around every three to five years. Of course, this time frame changes based on how much use your septic system gets. Mechanical components should be checked more regularly than septic tank pumping, and you should get things like electrical float switches and pumps inspected about once every year. Our septic tank experts here at Webb’s Select-A-Service in Altonah, Utah are more than happy to come inspect your septic system.

How long does a septic system last?

In general, a steel septic tank will last between 15 and 20 years. Tanks made of concrete or plastic will last long. If you keep your septic system well maintained and get regular septic tank pumping, a septic system with a concrete tank can last over 40 years.

Can I use bleach with a septic tank?

Good news, especially during the time of a pandemic — you can use moderate amounts of bleach without throwing your septic system out of balance. It’s great that you’re concerned and asking this question, though, because it shows that you understand how your septic tank works. You want to make sure the bacteria treating your wastewater are happy! That being said, don’t dump a ton of bleach down your drains. Think moderate use, like the amount of bleach in one normal load of laundry or in cleaning the toilet. 

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We know that not everyone is a septic system expert like us! That’s why we started our blog —  to answer any questions our Altonah community may have about septic systems or septic tank pumping. Learn more on our septic tank pumping page and contact us today for an inspection, maintenance, and regular septic tank pumping. Along with septic tank services, we also specialize in drain cleaning. Be sure to keep our info close and get in touch for all your plumbing needs!