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A septic system is a type of sewer system that is used in rural areas where there is just not access to the public sanitation and/or wastewater treatment plants. Septic tanks serve homes and businesses by processing that building’s wastes in a tank that sits below ground. The heavy wastes settle at the bottom, allowing for the liquid waste to be processed and then released into the ground in an area known as the leach field. This septic system is very efficient and has been in use for centuries in one form or another. Septic tanks come in different sizes to suit your needs, so how do you know what size of a septic tank do you need?

Webb’s Select-A-Service offers drain cleaning and septic tank pumping and cleaning services in Altonah. We are available 24/7 for your emergency plumbing and septic system needs. If it’s a concern to you that can’t wait till the morning, then give us a call. Below, we’ll go over some tips on how to choose the septic system tank that is right for your family. Call us today to get started!


Number of Users

Whether you are installing a septic tank for residential or commercial users, you need to consider the number of users who will be using the septic system on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you are a busy small business, take an average of the number of people per day who will be using your septic tank. The larger the number of users, the larger your septic tank will need to be.

Amount of Water Used

While users are a good gauge of the size of septic tank you will need, the amount of water used every day is more important. For example, you could have a family that takes short showers and uses very little water elsewise, for showers and kitchen use. However, if your family uses a lot of water, it’s better to go bigger on the septic tank size. To discover how many gallons of water your family uses, Webb’s Select-A-Service recommends that you check an old water bill.

The Square Footage of Your Home

The square footage of your home or business can also give you an idea of what size septic tank to choose. The larger your home, the bigger tank you will need.

The Number of Bedrooms in Your Home

The number of bedrooms in your home can help determine septic tank size as well. This is mainly because although you may not use a lot of water, if you sell your home, the new family may.


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