Spring is here in Altonah, which brings with it rain and increased law care routines. What you may not realize is that this extra water can bring leach field problems along with greener grass. In today’s blog, we’re covering this and other common leach field problems and how you can keep your leach field running smoothly. Continue reading to learn more and if you’re in need of septic tank services including septic tank pumping, contact Webb’s Select-A-Service today!

Sludge and Solids Leaving The Septic Tank Without Treatment

The goal of the septic system is to breakdown waste, and if solids are leaving the tank and entering the drainage field without treatment, that’s a big problem. Without an inspection by a professional from Webb’s Select-A-Service, you won’t know how bad a problem this is. 

If your drainfield is clogged with pieces of plastics and other non-biodegradable solids, then you may need to replace it. However, the good news is that the problem is most likely caused by biodegradable solids that have built up to a point that the drainfield can’t handle the volume of material entering the system. If you get regular septic tank pumping and start following best-practices for caring for your septic system, the problem can be resolved. 

Too Much Grease

We’ve said it many times before on this blog: don’t put grease down your drains! It’ll not only clog your pipes, it’ll also cause problems for your septic system and leach field. Grease is not water-soluble, and can build up in the septic tank after it cools and solidifies. This buildup can cut off oxygen from reaching the microbes that are breaking down waste in your septic tank. Without these microorganisms, your tank will not function properly. 

Compacted Soil

Compacted soil can prevent waste water from draining through the leach field. This problem can be fixed with soil fracturing equipment, which breaks up the compacted soil and allows more oxygen and water to enter the drainfield.

Clogged Drainfield

Things like tree roots can end up clogging your drainfield, which can lead to pooling wastewater and other issues. Your leach field is full of nutrients, and it attracts vegetation. You can solve this problem by cutting the roots or using chemicals such as copper sulfate to kill the roots.

Too Few Septic Tank Pumping 

Regular septic tank pumping is key to the entire system functioning properly. If you let sewage build up in the septic tank, sludge and solid waste will end up in your drainfield, causing it to clog. A good pumping and cleaning can get your system back up and running smoothly.

Webb’s Select-A-Service Altonah

While your septic system isn’t the most glamorous part of your home, it’s vital to keeping everything running smoothly. If you take good care of your system and get regular septic tanking pumping services, you should be able to keep many of these leach field problems at bay! Learn more on our septic tank pumping page and contact us today for inspection, maintenance, and regular septic tank pumping. Along with septic tank services, we also specialize in drain cleaning. Learn more and get in touch for all your plumbing needs!