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Webb’s Select-A-Service located in Altonah helps local homeowners and businesses with septic tank pumping. A septic tank system requires regular pumping in order to continue to operate at optimal capacity and process the wastes that are coming in. If you don’t have your septic tank system pumped regularly, it can cause huge backups into your home or business and create many, more expensive problems than it would have if you had pumped your septic tank. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common items that can clog your septic system. Contact us today to get started!


Other Paper Products

Toilet paper is the only thing that is meant to be flushed that does not come out of your body. Toilet paper is designed specifically to be flushed due to its biodegradable nature. However, many people mistakenly believe that you can flush any type of paper product down the toilet. This is simply not the case. Paper towels, napkin, cotton balls, and Q-tips are not meant to be flushed, and these can quickly clog your septic tank system. This includes “flushable” wipes and feminine products as well.

Cat Litter and Cat Poop

Septic tank and wastewater treatment plants are designed to process human wastes only. Many people believe that they can flush their cat’s poop and/or cat litter down the toilet with no repercussions. The reality is that a cat’s excrement is very different from a human’s. A cat’s poop hardens when it sits in the litter box, which then can get trapped in your septic tank and wastewater pipes. Furthermore, cat poop often contains parasites, such as Toxoplasma, that can harm humans. Your septic tank or wastewater treatment plant is not designed to filter out these nasties. This can cause potential harm to humans if consumed.

For what should be obvious reasons, you should not flush cat litter down the toilet either. Now, in addition to the cat poop, you are flushing down material that is extremely hard to remove and can easily clog drains and pipes.


Webb’s Select-A-Services in Altonah sees diapers in septic system clogs all the time. Just because there is human waste in a diaper doesn’t mean it belongs in the toilet. Diapers can easily get trapped in the U-bend of a pipe, causing major backups if so.


Webb’s Select-A-Service in Altonah wants to make clear that your toilet is not a trash can. It is designed for waste products only. If you think about where your waste is going, you may be more cognizant not to flush other products down the toilet. Your wastes are heading either to your local wastewater sewer plant for processing, or they are being processed in your septic tank by your home. Everything that you flush goes to one of these two places — places that are designed to only handle waste products.

We encourage you to flush only waste products, and call us when you need septic tank pumping!