For fast drain cleaning and repairs, call the drain and sewer specialist at Webb’s Select-A-Service today. We unclog drains, remove roots, and can locate bad areas of your pipes. We are based in Altonah and serve Roosevelt, Vernal, Duchesne, Fruitland, Altamont, Myton, Tridell, Lapoint, Randlett, Manila, and everywhere in between.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Hair is the number one cause of drain blockages. Not only does it build up and block the drain itself, but it can also bind with things like grease or soap to create a truly powerful blockage. The best way to prevent a buildup caused by hair or soap is to stop it from happening in the first place with a drain guard. If hair or soap has blocked your drain, though, our drain cleaning specialists are more than happy to come out to your Altonah home and help you out!

Other causes of clogged drains include toilet paper buildup, food waste, and dirt. One of the biggest — and most damaging — causes of clogged pipes is tree roots. Even the smallest cracks in your underground pipes attract root growth, and as those roots grow larger they block water and damage pipes. Unclogging drains that are blocked by roots should only be done by professionals, and if you’re concerned this is happening to you contact Webb’s Select-A-service today.


We have top-of-the-line cable machines that will unclog the smallest drain to the largest drain in your home.

Here at Webb’s Select-A-Service, we offer the latest in technology including our drain line camera systems that let YOU see any problems for yourself. We can pinpoint the precise location of the problem, saving you time and money, and efficiently unclog your drain.

We offer high pressure jetting that not only will it unclog drains, but we can also cut out those pesky roots that get in your lines. Our jetters are capable of cleaning out grease and grim so that your drains flow like they are brand new. Webb’s Select-A-Service also has the ability to jet drain fields and unthaw frozen sewer lines. Contact us today in Altonah to get started.

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